There was a wonderful concert in my home town this week and I was very happy to be invited as the photographer for the venue. The band playing was called Allan Vainola & Unenäopüüdjad (Dreamcatchers), a mostly acoustic group that makes very interesting music with a specific retro feel.
The event was made more special by the fact, that I have been a long time fan of Allan Vainola’s music and have actually attended this group’s concert before. It was more than 5 years ago in Tartu and I have quite fond memories of getting together with a group of people I had met through the fan forums of Sõpruse Puiestee (another band Vainola is in) and going to a warm acoustic concert in the Tartu University Cafe.
The lighting was quite dark and intimate as was the overall feeling in the hall. While it looked very nice, it made it quite difficult to get nice shots. I had to be very subtle in my movements not disturb the people enjoying the show. I couldn’t get very close as well, so I had to use a longer 100 mm lens, which was hard to keep stable in the dark. At times I had to bump up the ISO to 3200 to manage a shutter speed of 1/100 and even then, the more active moments on stage got blurred.
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